The Importance of Staff ID Lanyards

We all know what it’s like to start a new job. The anticipation, the worry, the desire to please, it’s almost enough to make you forget your own name. It’s rather helpful then, that the first thing you are handed when you walk through the door is your new employee ID. Clip-on, lanyard, or pin badge, your ID acts as an icebreaker, a means of introduction and a helpful way to remind people of your name. But more than that, it’s a badge of honour, a declaration of belonging, and a token of legitimacy.

Even the most experienced of CEOs started out wearing a name badge, and they are an important part of the culture of most businesses. Here are seven reasons that they are vital for you and your company:

Know Who’s Who

If you operate a busy business, you need to know that the people walking in and out of your door are allowed to be there. Staff ID lanyards and cards immediately identify an individual as one of your own, and anyone who isn’t in possession of one can be stopped and politely questioned. This is particularly helpful if you have a large workforce, and can help your security team challenge anyone they suspect of being on the premises without permission.

Help Restrict Access

Depending on your business, you may need to restrict access to particular areas of your premises. For example, if you run a technology company with a research department, you will want to keep your labs sterile. Similarly, if you run a huge retail business, the floor staff will not generally be allowed access to the cash office. You can use employee ID cards to limit the areas accessible to particular staff, and track the movements of individuals if foul play is suspected.

Create a Sense of Community

Staff morale is important to any business. Employee IDs are a great way to create a sense of belonging throughout your company. If all are wearing ID lanyards, they help individual staff members feel part of the business, and make it easier for other people to recognise a fellow employee. They also provide a great opportunity for people who may not have otherwise spoken to each other to start up a conversation.

Track Punctuality

If your workforce is paid by the hour, ID cards can be used as an effective means of tracking arrival and departure times. By replacing clocking in cards with personal IDs, you can check who is putting that extra effort in, and who is failing to pull their weight. Installing a simple swipe in and swipe out system at your front door can give you the most accurate reading of staff punctuality and working hours and identify any problems you may have.

Reward Staff

ID cards offer a brilliant way to incentivise your workforce. Many businesses offer their staff great perks like product discounts, vouchers and more. They may also establish partnerships with local and national businesses for discounts on everything from dining out to cinema tickets. All you need to do is flash your staff ID and you could benefit from a significant saving.

Essential in an Emergency

In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, your employee ID may just save your life. Many include personal medical details like your blood group, and all of them contain some form of contact information. If the emergency services can’t get hold of your next of kin, they may be able to call your place of work and find alternative contact details. At the very minimum, your ID will tell them your name, an essential detail when dealing with shock.

Help the Business World Run Smoothly

Without a doubt, staff ID lanyards are an essential part of the culture of most organisations, enabling management and security to see at a glance who’s in front of them. They create a sense of community, help keep your business safe and secure, and make the working day run smoothly. But they also mean different things to different people. From the enthusiastic junior executive who buffs his name badge every morning to the CEO who needs to put names to faces, the humble employee ID is an important part of how the world does business. So always remember to wear yours with pride.

Importance of staff id