Lanyards Can Be the Key to an Effective Fundraising Effort

Fundraisers seeking ways to inform the public and get financial support should consider printed lanyards. These popular items can remind people to contribute and give them a convenient way to do it, providing a crucial link between concern and action.

Most people believe in relief efforts, benevolent organisations and other charitable entities. The desire to support such efforts is in the back of their minds, but seldom gets translated into action. Many of those people would part with a donation for a worthy cause if they only thought of it at a time when action was convenient.

Custom lanyards are the tools that can remind them. They can be printed with the name of the charity and a phone number or URL. When the wearer meets people all day long, that reminder will be there for all to see. Personalised lanyards can provide that small, necessary nudge and make them act.

A lanyard is not overbearing. It isn’t as emphatic as a poster or a bumper sticker. It’s just a small, polite reminder, and that’s all it takes to make some people carry out a long-held intention. If an address is also provided, action is made easy.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of lanyards as fundraising devices. Sometimes all it takes is a small reminder to inspire action.