A CD Business Card Turns a Lanyard into a Full Presentation

The world of small electronics has provided several new uses for lanyards. One of the most popular attachments for printed lanyards is a small plastic case for holding an electronic device. When that device is a CD business card, it can provide the recipient with detailed information about a business after the message on the lanyard has sparked their initial interest.

Businesses, causes and organisations are beginning to discover the immense promotional and awareness-raising potential of custom lanyards. These handy items can put a company's logo, name or a short phrase in the public eye and give it a new awareness.

What happens then? If the wearer has no further information, their awareness of the message may stop there. Once the recipient has the lanyard in their possession, it helps to have more details immediately at hand.

The good way to accomplish this is with a CD business card, a small computer CD capable of storing a full presentation about the business and its products. Adding this feature to personalised lanyards allows them to carry more than just a logo or a short phrase.

The CD business card can not only tell what the business is and what they do, but also show their products, their facilities and the employees. A CD business card turns lanyards into complete business presentations.