Lanyards are Perfect for Staff Identification

Businesses in need of practical, highly visible staff IDs should consider using custom lanyards. Since lanyards are customarily worn outside of clothing, they are always in sight. If they are colorful and attractive, people will want to wear them daily and will never forget to display their IDs.

Sometimes the lanyard itself can be the identification. If tight security is not needed, simply handing out any item with the company’s name may serve the purpose. If a picture ID is required, printed lanyards can be equipped with open-ended or trigger clips to hold the card in a constantly visible position.

This is an ID device that is not kept in a wallet or purse. The wearer doesn’t need to keep pulling it out, and security staff can see everyone’s ID at a glance.

When personnel wear their IDs around their necks all day, they rarely lose them. Situations where the person carelessly places their ID card somewhere and forgets it will seldom happen, because the ID is always on the lanyard around their neck. Fewer lost IDs means fewer replacements, a savings for the issuer.

Personalised lanyards are also a great method of branding. They keep the company name visible at all times, always reminding the staff and the customers of the company’s name and image.