Custom Lanyards Make Great Promotional Items

One of the best ways to promote awareness of businesses, organizations or events is with printed lanyards. These bright, highly visible promotional items turn their wearers into free billboards carrying the message everywhere.

Lanyards are stylish, so people like to wear them. If they are handed out at a convention, meeting or other promotional event, it is a certainty that most of the recipients will use them. If each lanyard is printed with the promotional message, that means every wearer is like a representative for that idea. As they meet people and interact with them all day long, those personalized lanyards will be promoting the message.

Today’s custom lanyards can hold a small item like a phone holder or a clip for an ID card. This makes the lanyard useful and gives added assurance that it will be worn a lot. An open-ended or trigger clip can hold such a useful item and quickly become an indispensable part of the person’s apparel. When that happens, they will be wearing and promoting the message everywhere all day long.

Promotional printed lanyards can come in various widths and be printed on one or both sides. They can bear the buyer’s artwork which is uploaded when the order is placed. It’s a handy, versatile promotional device that everyone loves.