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Custom Lanyards Make Great Promotional Items

One of the best ways to promote awareness of businesses, organizations or events is with printed lanyards. These bright, highly visible promotional items turn their wearers into free billboards carrying the message everywhere.

Lanyards are stylish, so people like to wear them. If they are handed out at a convention, meeting or other promotional event, it is a certainty that most of the recipients will use them. If each lanyard is printed with the promotional message, that means every wearer is like a representative for that idea. As they meet people and interact with them all day long, those personalized lanyards will be promoting the message.

Today’s custom lanyards can hold a small item like a phone holder or a clip for an ID card. This makes the lanyard useful and gives added assurance that it will be worn a lot. An open-ended or trigger clip can hold such a useful item and quickly become an indispensable part of the person’s apparel. When that happens, they will be wearing and promoting the message everywhere all day long.

Promotional printed lanyards can come in various widths and be printed on one or both sides. They can bear the buyer’s artwork which is uploaded when the order is placed. It’s a handy, versatile promotional device that everyone loves.

The Benefits of Lanyards

A lanyard is a rope or type of cord that is worn around the neck. Its purpose is to carry an object, such as a key or ID card. Lanyards carry great benefits that certainly make it worthwhile to have one. When you have one that carries your ID card, it makes your life easier because you quickly get into the habit of automatically putting it around your neck when you absolutely need your ID. It is more convenient than simply putting your ID in your purse or wallet and taking it out when you need it, which can be problematic because you have to constantly remember to do so.

Personalised lanyards are sometimes preferred because they display a logo from a particular company, product or a service. These are useful when you work for a company and want to attract potential new customers. It is essentially a great form of marketing, not only your company, product or service but yourself as you will be wearing your ID card on your lanyard.

Lanyards can also come in plenty of nice bright colors, which can brighten up an otherwise dismal day. Those that are made up of bright, vivid colors can also draw more attention on you, which is important when you are attempting to attract more customers.

Why Choose Custom Lanyards

Marketing and promoting your business is a never ending task. When you are at a convention one of the best ways to promote your business is to use custom lanyards. Not only is the name of your business prominently on display, but the convenience of a lanyard is hard to overstate.

All of your employees at a convention or meeting should wear a custom lanyard, but it is also important to hand out the lanyards as a free promotional item so that your business name will be on display.

You can purchase lanyards with your company logo on it ore just the name of the company. You can include whatever marketing slogan you want. They come in various colors.

Some companies hand out free lanyards from a promotional table, and rather than just give away the lanyard, affix a card with a marketing message on it.

It is best to purchase lanyards in large quantities to take advantage of quantity pricing. It's important to make certain that the wording on the lanyard will stand the test of time. You wouldn't want to imprint lanyards with a short message that will go out of date.

Custom lanyards are among the best promotional items you can buy.