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For Durability and Low Cost, Choose Polyester Lanyards

When choosing lanyards to promote a business, organization or cause, one of the options to be selected is the material. Printed lanyards can be made of different fibers, but the one chosen by most customers is polyester. This lanyard material has the combined advantages of bright color, durability and low cost.

Many groups and businesses have discovered that custom lanyards are a great way to get their brand or slogan into the public eye. Businesses, clubs and others are handing them out everywhere and finding that there’s no better way to get a message out there.

Since personalized lanyards work so well, the organizations and businesses purchasing them naturally want them to last as long as possible and look good for most of the item’s lifespan. Polyester makes a good choice because it is durable and retains its bright, clear color permanently.

Cost is always an important concern, and polyester also scores high marks in this department. Its initial cost is lower than any other option, and since it lasts nearly forever, replacement cost is also low.

Personalized lanyards made of polyester can reinforce branding, popularize a slogan or identify members and employees. They make great advertising because people wear them everywhere and generally keep them visible. Because they’re polyester, they will do all those things longer.

Lanyards Can Be the Key to an Effective Event

Events are meant to make the public aware of something, and that message must be made clear to the participants. Custom lanyards are a great way to accomplish that because they are colorful, stylish and popular.

There’s one thing every event planner hates: a successful event that doesn’t get its message across. These are the events where lots of people show up and have a good time, but few of them remember the reason for the event afterwards. The best way to avoid that is to keep the message in front of them at all times.

Printed lanyards make the perfect giveaway because they turn every participant into a promoter for the event’s sponsor. People like to wear lanyards, and if those lanyards bear the company’s name, they ensure that nobody forgets who’s having the event and why.

Printed lanyards are also a good way to maintain event security, since they are usually worn in plain view.

A durable polyester lanyard will remain serviceable for years. Since the color is part of the plastic, it will not fade with age. Personalised lanyards will continue to promote the company sponsoring the event and keep its logo visible for the lifetime of the piece.

To make sure everyone at the event knows the reason why, use lanyards.

Lanyards are Perfect for Staff Identification

Businesses in need of practical, highly visible staff IDs should consider using custom lanyards. Since lanyards are customarily worn outside of clothing, they are always in sight. If they are colorful and attractive, people will want to wear them daily and will never forget to display their IDs.

Sometimes the lanyard itself can be the identification. If tight security is not needed, simply handing out any item with the company’s name may serve the purpose. If a picture ID is required, printed lanyards can be equipped with open-ended or trigger clips to hold the card in a constantly visible position.

This is an ID device that is not kept in a wallet or purse. The wearer doesn’t need to keep pulling it out, and security staff can see everyone’s ID at a glance.

When personnel wear their IDs around their necks all day, they rarely lose them. Situations where the person carelessly places their ID card somewhere and forgets it will seldom happen, because the ID is always on the lanyard around their neck. Fewer lost IDs means fewer replacements, a savings for the issuer.

Personalised lanyards are also a great method of branding. They keep the company name visible at all times, always reminding the staff and the customers of the company’s name and image.