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Bamboo is Comfortable, Attractive and Sustainable

When shopping for printed lanyards, the most ecologically responsible choice of material is bamboo. Fibers made from pulped bamboo can now be made into fabric that is indistinguishable from other textiles in comfort, appearance and durability.

Many shoppers are making a commendable effort to buy as many green products as possible, and the current selection of lanyards has some options for them. The best of these new lanyard materials is bamboo fiber, a sustainable, low-footprint material that is completely biodegradable.

Since bamboo is a grass, it grows much faster than other forms of wood. Bamboo harvesters do not need to wait decades for old growth forest to develop. Instead, a harvest of bamboo can be obtained every year without depleting the growing stock.

Bamboo also contains natural anti-bacterial substances that retard rotting, contributing to the long life of the material. Custom lanyards made of bamboo will last a long time, retaining their color for their full lifespans.

This fiber also has a soft, cotton-like feel that some customers find more comfortable than plastic fibers. It does not have the shiny look of some plastics, appearing more like a conventional fabric. Cut edges are never sharp, and the ends of the fibers do not feel prickly.

For a green material that is comfortable, sustainable and durable, consider personalised lanyards of bamboo.

Customers Seeking Green Choices Should Consider PET Lanyards

Today’s selection of printed lanyards offers some alternative materials for the eco-conscious customer. One of these is PET or polyethylene terephthalate, a transparent form of polyester. The advantage of purchasing PET lanyards is that this plastic is recyclable, and the PET used to make lanyards comes from used beverage containers. The fact that it is recyclable also means that when it is discarded, it can be taken to a recycling center and put to some other use.

Other than that, there is no noticeable difference between these lanyards and those made from other materials. They look as good, retain their colors as well and last as long as any others. They will continue to display their message clearly for the lifetime of the piece, providing free advertising for that business or group. PET feels just like other forms of polyester. It is flexible and comfortable, encouraging the receiver to use it. The only difference is that by using this material, customers are making an ecologically responsible decision and reducing their carbon footprint.

Personalised lanyards made of PET have the recycling symbol and the word “recycled” printed on them. Despite its name, PET does not contain polyethylene and has the recycling code 1, indicating that it is perfectly safe for skin contact. PET does not give off volatile organic compounds.

For Maximum Comfort, Try Nylon Lanyards

When selecting lanyards for employees, group members or event attendees, the most comfortable option is nylon. Printed lanyards made of nylon are soft, flexible and have no rough edges. People love to wear them because they not only look great, but feel good, too.

Personalized lanyards are a good way to promote an idea, identify participants or familiarize the public with a brand name. Businesses and organizations like to give them out, and they want people to wear them as often as possible.

If that is going to happen, the lanyards must be comfortable. Stiff plastic fibers with uncomfortable rough edges may not get worn as much as more comfortable ones. When viewed in this light, the feel of custom lanyards becomes important because it determines how often the lanyards’ message will be seen.

Nylon has a real premium feel. When someone touches a nylon lanyard, they won’t feel rough edges. Nylon also has greater strength than many other fibers, so custom lanyards made from it will last for years without breaking or fraying. This ensures that the recipient will be wearing the lanyard for a long time and its message will get maximum exposure.

For custom lanyards that will feel great and last for ages, consider nylon. People will want to wear them and take the message everywhere.