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Lanyard printing is a large, interesting and ever changing industry, and with that in mind we have set up our very own news section to keep you up to date with the latest in lanyard printing. In this area of the site we will be keeping up to date with the latest in lanyard printing and printed lanyard manufacture as well as sharing our insights into the printed lanyard industry. On top of this we will also use this area to keep our users informed with what's going on at and how this may affect them. We hope you enjoy reading our lanyard printing news!

A Woven Design is Perfect for Rough Environments

Where will your custom lanyards be worn? Will they only appear in offices and board rooms, or will they be worn outdoors? If it is likely that the wearers will be attending sports events, concerts or other places where the lanyard might get some rough treatment, durability might be a concern. You want your personalised lanyards to look good for as long as possible, because they’re such a great way to advertise your business or organization.

A good way of ensuring that is to have the text or image woven into the fibers of the lanyard. Rather than placing the message on the outer surface of the fibers as with printed lanyards, the woven method uses colored fibers to create an integral, indelible image. Since the design is a part of the fabric, it will remain clear and bright for the lanyard's full life.

Weaving results in reversed-color images on opposite sides of the lanyards. This is a nice touch that keeps your logo in full visibility at all times, even if the lanyard gets twisted or flipped over. The stitched design gives the lanyard a well-made, high quality appearance that will show your image in its best and most attention-grabbing light.

For a beautiful, quality image that is ideal for rough treatment and unkind environments, try woven lanyards.

For A Bright, Vibrant Image, Try Screen Printing

Text and images can be printed on lanyards in various ways. Today customers seeking personalised lanyards can select from several options, each offering certain advantages.

One popular method for placing graphic material on printed lanyards is screen printing. This process uses stencils to place bright, high-definition images on any surface. When it is used on the fibers from which lanyards are made, it results in crisp, clean images that remain intact for the life of the piece.

Custom lanyards made by screen printing can have extremely fine detail. Precise logos and lettering are possible, allowing any business or organization to advertise themselves this way.

Screen printing offers a wide range of colors including metallic tones like gold and silver. A lanyard made this way will really stand out, drawing the attention of all who see it. Since the colors are bright and attractive, the owner will want to wear the lanyard often.

Custom lanyards are great advertising, and their effectiveness depends on the visibility and attention-grabbing ability of their printing. Screen printing gives a brilliant, vibrant image that can’t help but be noticed, ensuring maximum advertising power. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness, popularize a slogan or bring a cause into the public eye. For detail, vibrancy and color range, screen printing can’t be beat.

Dye Sublimation is Forever

Customers shopping for printed lanyards have various options in regard to the printing method. Each option has its good points, but the one used most often for lanyards or any other plastic product is dye sublimation printing. The fact that designs printed by dye sublimation can be washed many times without fading makes this method ideal for most purposes.

Dye sublimation printing is similar in some ways to an old-fashioned typewriter. The color is contained in a ribbon that is pressed against the plastic surface. However, instead of being applied by pressure as with typing ribbon, the color is applied by heated heads pressed against the back of the ribbon, causing the coloring element to melt and stick to the surface it is touching.

The result is a brilliant, clear image capable of withstanding many years of washing and heavy wear. Unlike some plastic items, custom lanyards made by this method do not become discolored by sunlight. The printed design is as flexible as the surface underneath it, so it will not crack or flake off.

Dye sublimation has the capacity for intricate detail, so small text and complex logos are no problem. Large numbers of personalized lanyards can be made very quickly, and orders are usually filled promptly.

A lanyard made by dye sublimation provides years of free advertising.