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A Safety Break-Away Gets a Lanyard Worn More Often

Many businesses and organizations are finding that custom lanyards are a great way to get their names out there and familiarize the public with their products. Any message that can be written on a lanyard will probably be seen by countless people.

However, some customers purchasing printed lanyards have decided that “probably” isn’t good enough. They want to make sure their lanyards get used and seen as much as possible.

One way to do this is to address a concern some people have about the safety of putting things around their necks. A few people will receive a lanyard and then stick it in a drawer and never wear it, simply because they are worried about its safety. Maybe they are afraid that if they wear it, someone will grab it from behind as a joke. Parents might be especially wary of this, and they might even refuse to let their child wear a lanyard as a result. This one objection can limit the exposure given to the lanyard’s message.

The answer is a safety break-away, a plastic clip that comes apart when pulled. Placing these on personalised lanyards addresses safety concerns and gets the lanyards worn more. When the lanyard gets worn more, it gets seen more. With a safety break-away, the lanyard won’t get hidden in a drawer.

A CD Business Card Turns a Lanyard into a Full Presentation

The world of small electronics has provided several new uses for lanyards. One of the most popular attachments for printed lanyards is a small plastic case for holding an electronic device. When that device is a CD business card, it can provide the recipient with detailed information about a business after the message on the lanyard has sparked their initial interest.

Businesses, causes and organisations are beginning to discover the immense promotional and awareness-raising potential of custom lanyards. These handy items can put a company's logo, name or a short phrase in the public eye and give it a new awareness.

What happens then? If the wearer has no further information, their awareness of the message may stop there. Once the recipient has the lanyard in their possession, it helps to have more details immediately at hand.

The good way to accomplish this is with a CD business card, a small computer CD capable of storing a full presentation about the business and its products. Adding this feature to personalised lanyards allows them to carry more than just a logo or a short phrase.

The CD business card can not only tell what the business is and what they do, but also show their products, their facilities and the employees. A CD business card turns lanyards into complete business presentations.

Attachments Will Ensure That Your Lanyards Get Used

The way to make sure promotional lanyards will be seen often is to make them useful. People want to wear them because they look good and go with almost any outfit, but the key to making them seem indispensable is to give them a helpful function.

There are several attachments that can accomplish this. Bottle holders turn purely ornamental printed lanyards into practical tools. Without this helpful object, one hand must always be occupied holding the bottle. With it, both hands can be free. Once the person gets used to it, the lanyard will seem necessary. A bottle opener accomplishes the same thing.

In cold weather, many people carry sticks of lip balm. Putting chap stick holders on customized lanyards makes them convenient, and it makes doing without them seem like a bother. Considering how often lip products are used, this is a great way to ensure that custom lanyards get constant use.

If personalised lanyards are to be handed out at festive events, a whistle is a good attachment. It allows people to make noise, which everyone secretly enjoys, and allows the wearer to feel like a kid again. Even if the people around him are annoyed, they’ll probably notice that lanyard.

Placing these attachments on printed lanyards will get them used a lot, and that gets them seen.