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Lanyards Can Be the Key to an Effective Fundraising Effort

Fundraisers seeking ways to inform the public and get financial support should consider printed lanyards. These popular items can remind people to contribute and give them a convenient way to do it, providing a crucial link between concern and action.

Most people believe in relief efforts, benevolent organisations and other charitable entities. The desire to support such efforts is in the back of their minds, but seldom gets translated into action. Many of those people would part with a donation for a worthy cause if they only thought of it at a time when action was convenient.

Custom lanyards are the tools that can remind them. They can be printed with the name of the charity and a phone number or URL. When the wearer meets people all day long, that reminder will be there for all to see. Personalised lanyards can provide that small, necessary nudge and make them act.

A lanyard is not overbearing. It isn’t as emphatic as a poster or a bumper sticker. It’s just a small, polite reminder, and that’s all it takes to make some people carry out a long-held intention. If an address is also provided, action is made easy.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of lanyards as fundraising devices. Sometimes all it takes is a small reminder to inspire action.

Lanyards Can Put Your Cause in the Public Eye

Much of the discussion about applications for printed lanyards centers on their effectiveness for advertising and promoting businesses. This is certainly a good way to use lanyards, but there is another application that also deserves attention.

The success of campaigns to promote causes, introduce legislation and increase public awareness of social issues hinges on their ability to publicize their messages. Custom lanyards can be just as effective at promoting a cause as they are at advertising a business.

Advertisers have discovered the potential of the human billboard. Clothing items now bear the images of products, rock stars, cartoon characters and more. This turns each wearer into a walking advertisement, meeting and interacting with countless people in their daily lives. That is the reason for the effectiveness of personalised lanyards in promoting causes and issues.

This is a politically charged world in which many groups wish to stir public sentiment or encourage decisive action. A lanyard with a political slogan or emblem carries its message wherever the wearer goes and is seen by everyone they meet. There is no better way to encourage grass-roots awareness of an issue.

Candidates running for office, groups desiring legislative change and other groups wishing to get their message in the public eye should consider printed lanyards as a cheap, effective way of expressing their sentiments.

Ordering Custom Lanyards is Quick, Easy and Error-Free

Ordering custom lanyards has never been easier. By placing their orders online, customers can upload artwork, text and other specifications quickly and simply. The website should be able to give an instant quote, and the lanyards will go into production immediately. The old delays of snail-mail ordering are a thing of the past. During the production process, modern color matching techniques will ensure that the printed lanyards look exactly like they are supposed to.

There was a time when ordering anything with color printing on it was risky. Even if the customer submitted detailed diagrams and color specifications, there was always a possibility that the color would not look right or that some other detail would be unsatisfactory. He would not discover these problems until he received his order, and by then it would be too late for corrections.

Today the process is quicker, easier and more certain. When personalised lanyards are ordered, the manufacturer will prepare an artwork approval form for the customer’s inspection. This will almost certainly be perfect, but if it is not, the customer can request changes immediately.

The notification of the order’s completion arrives by e-mail, and the customer is again asked to approve his custom lanyards. Unlike the old days, the Internet eliminates nearly all possibility of ordering errors or production mistakes.