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Why Lanyards are the Best Promotional Item Available

If you have ever been to a trade show or convention, you have seen the tons of promotional items that companies give away to promote their brands. While many of these items are effective, none are more effective than customised lanyards.


Some companies give away mugs emblazoned with their company's logo. While these are great giveaway items that will be used again and again, they are most likely to be used in one location---the user's home. While this exposes the user to the brand, it limits the brands exposure to the person's home. With lanyards, your company's name will be seen over and over again, by many people.


While pens may seem like the obvious choice, they have one major drawback. They have a limited shelf life. When a pen runs out of ink, the user throws it away, ending the scope of the advertising. In addition, the printing on the pen may rub off with multiple uses, erasing the branding. High quality lanyards can be used over and over again for years. These lanyards often take on multiple functions. Sometimes they may be used to hold keys, and at other times to carry badges. Lanyards are an economical choice that will promote your brand for years.

For the best value for your promotional dollar, choose lanyards to promote your brand.

Promote Your Cause With a Custom Lanyard

While lanyards are great for promoting businesses small and large, they are also great for promoting your charity cause. If you are holding a fundraiser for your favorite charity, a personalised lanyard is a great way to spread awareness and get others fired up about your cause.

These lanyards are available in a wide range of colours, widths and styles, and you can add in a special message for your charity participants. Sell your lanyards and raise money for your charity. With economical lanyards that you can buy for less than the price of a pack of gum, lanyards make an excellent fundraising item. Take advantage of volume prices for the best deals. Show your support for your favorite charity by purchasing personalised printed lanyards for your group or organisation.

If you are participating in a charity event such as a race or a walk, lanyards are a functional way to promote your message. Use them to hold keys, badges and accessories. Eliminate the need for extra bags when you have a custom lanyard to store all of your valuables.

While there are many uses for lanyards, using them to promote your charity is a great way to get others involved. Print a slogan, icon or website and spread the word about your cause. Order custom printed lanyards today for your next charity fundraiser or activity.

Lanyards for Schools

Identify your students instantly with custom printed lanyards for schools. These printed lanyards can be printed with your school's name and logo and distributed to students, staff and faculty. Personalised lanyards are a great solution for easily identifying members of your school.

Cut back on identification card replacement costs when you order custom lanyards for your school. When your students have a custom lanyard with a plastic id pouch, they will be better able to keep track of their student identification cards. Durable woven lanyards last for years, saving you money in the long run. School lanyards are great for school field trips and other outings where students may be a part of a larger crowd. With volume pricing, you can get a great deal for school lanyards that will help you easily identify your students.

If you are looking for an economical lanyard solution for your school, choose from a complete line of stock lanyards. Buy lanyards with the words "staff" pre-printed onto your lanyards for a cheaper alternative to custom lanyards. These stock lanyards offer a better deal for your money as well as lightning fast shipping.

When you are looking for the best identification solutions for your school, choose from either custom printed or stock lanyards. Never worry about lost ID cards again when you have stylish lanyards for your students, faculty, staff and guests.