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Souvenir Lanyards

Tourists love lanyards. These convenient items hold everything to make life easier for travelers. If your store or company sells souvenirs, consider adding custom printed lanyards to your line of inventory for maximum profits.

There are many ways to make a profit by selling customised lanyards to your souvenir shop customers. Print lanyards with the names of area attractions that they can buy as a reminder of their trip. Have your lanyards printed with the name of your town or city and watch your sales grow. Printed lanyards are a great addition to retail product lines because customers love lanyards.

Lanyards represent a high profit margin for retailers due to their low cost of manufacturing. Buy economical lanyards in bulk and get the best return on your investment. Print your lanyards in vibrant colors to attract the eye of your shopper, and offer them in an area near key chains, sunglasses and magnets.

Lanyards make great impulse buy items for shoppers. Many tourists buy them simply for their functionality. What better way to carry around trip essentials than with a stylish lanyard. When you add lanyards to your souvenir shop's product line, you will see your profits grow.

Custom printed lanyards UK are a great addition to any product line. Choose your customised lanyards today and offer a great deal for your customers.

Ordering Your Custom Printed Lanyards

When you are ready to order your custom printed lanyards, the process is simple. By following a few simple steps, you can go from concept to finished product in just a matter of days.

Choose Your Lanyard Style

Choose from a variety of lanyard styles, from woven lanyards to screen printed lanyards. The style you choose will depend on your organisation's needs and your budget. Helpful guides will offer suggestions on which lanyard best suits your needs.

Choose Your Quantity

Select the quantity of lanyards you will need for your business, event or project. It is best to order more than you think you will need to avoid having to re-order later. Save on shipping and artwork charges by ordering in bulk.

Choose Your Print Style and Width

After you have selected your style and quantity, select the print style for your project. Choose from one colour, two colours or full color. Specify whether you want your imprint on the front only or on both sides. Use the helpful guide to decide which is best for your project. Next, choose the width for your custom printed lanyards.

Choose Your Accessories

Need a mobile phone attachment or breakaway clip? Choose your accessories here.

Get a Custom Quote

Receive a custom quote, send in your artwork and your project is underway!

Select the clips to finish your lanyards. Choose from J clips, rings and reels.

Badge Reel Lanyards for Building Security

For the ultimate in security lanyard, badge reels are just the ticket. Many companies purchase badge reel lanyards for their employees' security card needs. Badge reels eliminate the need for the employee to have to remove their identification cards to enter your office building, making a more secure environment for the staff.

These small, plastic reels have a cord attachment that allows the lanyard to be worn close to the body. Some badge reels are retractable, and allow the user to simply extend the cord from the body to swipe then return the badge to its position. These badge reels are economical and come with a variety of accessories that make it easy to keep track of them. Your employees will appreciate the unobtrusive design and convenience of security badge reels for their building entry needs.

Not only are badge reels great for security, they are also an effective way to advertise your brand. Choose from a variety of styles and colours, or have your badge reel customised with your company's logo. Adding your company's name or logo also makes it more likely that someone will return your identification card to your company if it is lost or stolen.

For the most effective choice in security lanyards UK, use badge reels for all of your employee security key card needs.