A Safety Break-Away Gets a Lanyard Worn More Often

Many businesses and organizations are finding that custom lanyards are a great way to get their names out there and familiarize the public with their products. Any message that can be written on a lanyard will probably be seen by countless people.

However, some customers purchasing printed lanyards have decided that “probably” isn’t good enough. They want to make sure their lanyards get used and seen as much as possible.

One way to do this is to address a concern some people have about the safety of putting things around their necks. A few people will receive a lanyard and then stick it in a drawer and never wear it, simply because they are worried about its safety. Maybe they are afraid that if they wear it, someone will grab it from behind as a joke. Parents might be especially wary of this, and they might even refuse to let their child wear a lanyard as a result. This one objection can limit the exposure given to the lanyard’s message.

The answer is a safety break-away, a plastic clip that comes apart when pulled. Placing these on personalised lanyards addresses safety concerns and gets the lanyards worn more. When the lanyard gets worn more, it gets seen more. With a safety break-away, the lanyard won’t get hidden in a drawer.