Attachments Will Ensure That Your Lanyards Get Used

The way to make sure promotional lanyards will be seen often is to make them useful. People want to wear them because they look good and go with almost any outfit, but the key to making them seem indispensable is to give them a helpful function.

There are several attachments that can accomplish this. Bottle holders turn purely ornamental printed lanyards into practical tools. Without this helpful object, one hand must always be occupied holding the bottle. With it, both hands can be free. Once the person gets used to it, the lanyard will seem necessary. A bottle opener accomplishes the same thing.

In cold weather, many people carry sticks of lip balm. Putting chap stick holders on customized lanyards makes them convenient, and it makes doing without them seem like a bother. Considering how often lip products are used, this is a great way to ensure that custom lanyards get constant use.

If personalised lanyards are to be handed out at festive events, a whistle is a good attachment. It allows people to make noise, which everyone secretly enjoys, and allows the wearer to feel like a kid again. Even if the people around him are annoyed, they’ll probably notice that lanyard.

Placing these attachments on printed lanyards will get them used a lot, and that gets them seen.