Pantone Colours Give Your Lanyards Brilliant, Unique Shades

Today the Pantone colour matching system provides the assurance of colour accuracy in the manufacture of printed lanyards and many other products. In industries where colour shading and tone can vary because of technical details or the nature of the printing surface, Pantone is the benchmark that establishes order.

Invented in the early 1960’s by chemist Lawrence Herbert, the Pantone system uses a series of colour cards to establish exact values now universally accepted as accurate. In the field of personalized lanyards, this scale means that when a customer brings in original artwork to be placed on their lanyards, the manufacturer can match the colours and faithfully reproduce the design.

Pantone colour matching also provides assurance that the colors of custom lanyards will not vary from one printing to the next. Variations in printing colors could occur because of very slight differences between dye batches or even because of differences in printing machines. With the Pantone scale, these variations can be eliminated and the colour match from one batch of lanyards to the next can be exact.

Pantone colours include several shades unavailable anywhere else, such as metallic or fluorescent shades. This means that a lanyard printed using these colours can have an absolutely unique color. The message on it will leap out at the viewer, ensuring maximum noticeability.