Make Your Lanyards Useful With Handy Clips

People wear lanyards because they look good, but they also like for them to have some use. Putting a clip of some sort on your custom lanyards will ensure that people will find them useful and wear them all the time.

Several types of clips are available for personalised lanyards. For toughness and the ability to stay closed despite pressure or impacts, the lobster clip is the best choice. This stylish design will hang onto keys, a container or any other small object with a stubbornness that can withstand much abuse.

A low-cost option that is always popular is the well-known J-clip. The metal version is seen most often, but there are also plastic J-clips without metal parts for those who must pass through metal detectors.

If the clip will be used specifically to hold a card, perhaps a crocodile clip would be best. This option keeps the clipped item flat for easy viewing at all times, and it is another low-cost choice.

If the lanyard will be used to carry one or more keys, a key ring will probably be the best choice. Keys get used countless times every day, so this is a great way of making your printed lanyards indispensable.

A clip on a lanyard is a way of making sure it gets used, worn and seen.