To Make Lanyards Useful, Attach a Card Reel

Everyone is discovering that personalised lanyards are a great way to put a message or image in front of the public. Businesses, causes and organisations can find no better way of familiarizing people with their names and slogans.

The best way to make sure that the message gets seen a lot is to make the lanyard useful. Part of the reason for the popularity of printed lanyards is that they can hold various things. Attachments like clips or holders encourage this.

One of the best attachments is a card reel. This is a small, disc-shaped plastic case with a spring-loaded reel inside. The cord on the reel exits the case through a hole and attaches to a clip for holding an ID or access card.

The advantage of this handy device is that the card is always in plain view for security purposes, but when the wearer needs to insert it in a reader, he doesn’t need to stoop over. The cord reels out to a convenient length and then retracts after the card is used.

This ensures that the lanyard will be handy rather than awkward. It will be a useful item that the person wants to wear rather than an inconvenience that will soon be discarded. When custom lanyards are truly useful, they provide maximum advertising value.